The world is your mirror

Reflection and contemplation
Image by Mikail Duran

Is the world a friendly and happy place? Or is it filled with hostility, intrigue and discontentment?

One could argue that the world remains the same no matter what we think or do about it. This is false because of two important reasons.

The first and most obvious is that no one can perceive reality. Perception matters and how we choose to view the world influences how we experience it.

The second is less obvious but more important. When we change, the world changes. If we form a positive mindset and go through reality with an open and vulnerable heart, so will the world open to us. Our friendships will deepen, our love will grow and more gifts will come our way.

Jesus, the Buddha and other ancient teachers have long known that the world is our mirror, reflecting not just what we see but indeed who we are.

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